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How corporate professionalism helped me in learning the art of self-appreciation?

It’s been a long while that I wrote something for myself. Though being a full-time content writer, busy in playing with words all day long, who people think of as a word-wizard- never short of something to write, I have, of late, fell short of words to define what I feel about my passion. I started off as a content writer & still, I am that- it’s not that my passion has faded, it is still strong and growing every day, still I sometimes feel I am not doing much for myself. Writing every day for brands and companies- fuelling their aspirations to grow more and more through advertisements, e-mailers, marketing collaterals, etc., I have somehow felt guilty of not helping myself much with my growth journey. But is it my fault… or is it just situational? I am not the type who shifts the blame to professional or personal condition, so I take it upon myself for my mistake. I have not been much serious about my journey, passion and efforts. But through my realization, I came up wit
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On a path to glory

I have been lost before. in a pool of confusions, that delve inside my head. I have been lost before, in a tide of self-doubt, that crept inside my heart.. I have been lost before, in the guilt of underperforming I have been lost before, at nights with unstoppable mourning Through the years I learned, it does not matter If I am lost, I will surely be found And if no one finds me, I myself will one day walk past this maze To do something worthwhile and to amaze All those who laughed at the time when I was lost All those who created a sense of self-doubt, who made me face this ghost I have learned that the fears are just inside All we have is a beautiful world with opportunities, that is real and is outside So, I rise again from this pool of confusion, Yes I rise again from this guilt and emotion, I know am hard at heart when it comes to the topic of self-achievement But what is an achievement, without a little attitude All I want you is to know, I

Is finding purpose really purposeful?

"Enjoy Every Moment Without Fears, For A Wrong Purpose Would Create a Biased Shadow towards Life." Life has been a long journey till date. I am sure every one of you must have thought the same at one point or other. At other times, you might have thought how much yet is remaining to explore. We become confused about what we have achieved and what more is left for us. How much should we push hard looking at our past efforts and where our existing efforts would take us? A recent conversation with a close friend closed down on the conclusion is the main purpose of life is to live, just live, instead of counting the achievements or trying to understand the purpose of life. He was quoting a spiritual guru, and I had all that he was saying in my mind long before. He always says me that the experienced I took through this journey were enough to shed off my fears. And I had shed them off long ago. I overcame my fears, started afresh but still wander and strive to achieve

Why being confused is not an end to the journey?

The confused status of the thing called life Life can be a beautiful vacation for someone while it can be a bed full of thorns for others. Life can also be beautiful and ugly at the same time. Everything depends on the situations and how one deal with it. Life is like a journey being embarked upon, and the ugly incidents like the bumps on the road, we despise them but never forget that it is a journey, we have to complete. We do not stop when we slow down because of the hurdle while travelling, then why do we think about stopping, when life throws challenges at us? We remain in a constant state of confusion when we are faced with life challenges. We question decisions, abilities and purpose of doing something. We think we are not worth it. We unintentionally stop our efforts when we start questioning.  Questioning our own abilities is like questioning if the fuel in our car is powerful to take our car to our destiny. You are an immense storehouse of energy and abilities

An insightful analysis of ‘happiness’

We find happiness in small things, we find happiness in sweeping victories, we find happiness in meeting loved ones, and we find happiness in doing things we love. In short, we find happiness in a million ways. This also means that all a human brain strives for is happiness. Right from the day it starts functioning, it is on an endless pursuit to find happiness, in things, events, and people. We try to do our best during our lives, and, in turn, ask only one thing in return, i.e. happiness. If someone wants materialistic comforts, it is for happiness, if someone seeks company, it is to find the solace of happiness. All in all, everything we are working upon is linked to our happiness. It is the fundamental nature of a living being, to look for happiness. In life, we try to find a million ways which promise happiness in the real sense, but we may have done everything wrong in this pursuit altogether. How? Because of our corrupt brains which seek happiness on the outside. We

Yuun to mein - Hindi Poem

After days of being in solitude and calm, my mind took inspiration from these famous lines and my pen started working to complete a piece in the form of a poem.  ' Yuun to mein tanhaa hi tha safar mein Log judte gye karwaan banta gya….' Kuch mili apni si shaksiyatein Aur unke hi sahare me aage bdhta gaya… Sikha mene bahut iss safar mein… Naa jaane kyu fir bhi me pichadta gya… Jo sath nibhate chale sang mere… Unse hi me zindagi jeena sikhta gya… Ek aasra mil sa gya tha uss karvaan ki chaav mein Aisa laga jaise hu mein samundar ko cheerti naav mein Jaana tha naa mene tab Ki ye karvaan bhi chhalava sa hai Is kaarvaan ka sahara sabko hai Par apna yha koi na hai Khud par shaq to kabhi na tha Kabiliyat par ek anjana sa yakin sat ha Koshish ko apni kamm na karunga Apni manzil ko rahunga me dhundhta Kal ko ye kaarvaan rahe na rahe sang mere Manzil ko apni mein paake rahunga Koi ho ya na ho sang sath dene ko Sukoon ki chaav me ek

Happiness in every moment

Cell is the basic structure of life. Every human being we see is built up from innumerable number of cells. So, we can call it the building block of a human being. But, inside a human being, not everything is made from a cell. Yes, this is true. Some things in a human body and mind are so abstract, that we still haven’t been able to decipher, how they exist. One such phenomenon is emotions. Emotional quotient of a human being has a major role in the behavior of a human being. I may not be knowledgeable enough to measure the magnitude of emotional quotient in a person, but I surely can understand how a person feels and responds to a particular situation. Emotions play a pivotal role in one’s life as it defines how a person will feel and react to situations. Also, if a person carries positive emotions, he/she is ought to be a strong personality who is not perturbed with the struggles of life. But wait… Why am I explain this to everyone? Maybe because I am feeling